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PolyTrans|CAD and PolyTrans|DCC for Windows
by 'Okino Computer Graphics'

PolyTrans is the leading industry standard for comprehensive visualization and data translation of all 3D CAD/CAM, VisSim and Digital Content Creation data. With its support of virtually every 2D and 3D file format you will need no other tool to visualize 3D models and translate them to your format of choice. With a user base of the entire 3D industry, and being in use constantly by 3D professionals like yourself, PolyTrans works 'out of the box' in the most complex and demanding of situations - it simply works!

Over the last 2 decades PolyTrans has pioneered and set the standards for scene conversion, animation transfer, skinned mesh & skeletons conversions, trimmed NURBS surface + curve conversion, crack-free and error-free CAD to DCC/animation package conversions, automatic bitmap conversion and many more innovative solutions. Okino is also well known for its personal, hands-on and fast technical support plus customer relations.

Important purchasing information: most customers purchase the base-level PolyTrans or NuGraf program and one or more optional add-on modules. Please be careful to review which modules you need before purchasing (add-on modules can be purchased at any time). The PolyTrans-for-Maya sub-product is configured as PolyTrans + DCC/Pack module. The native PolyTrans-for-3ds-Max plug-in system comes with each base-level copy of PolyTrans or NuGraf. Most Okino customers will purchase at least one of: CAD/Pack, DCC/Pack and/or Granite/Pack.

See also these corresponding WEB pages:

PolyTrans stand-alone program
NuGraf stand-alone program (elder brother of PolyTrans)
CAD/Pack add-on
DCC/Pack add-on (enables PolyTrans-for-Maya)
Granite/Pack CAD importers add-on (incl. native ProE, STEP)
JT importer/exporter add-on
CATIA v4 importer add-on
CATIA v5 importer add-on
Spatial ACIS SAT/SAB importer add-on


PolyTrans (and its elder brother NuGraf) are stand-alone programs which were written with one purpose in mind: to produce the most accurate, error free and robust conversions between all 3D DCC, VisSim and CAD file formats. PolyTrans was the first such program to market and hence has a long standing reputation of providing quality conversions as well as top notch technical support from its development team. The elder NuGraf program also provides for print quality photo-realistic rendering and more user interface controls for interactive scene composition.
 Common Solutions
  • Converts entire scene files, including meshes with holes, trimmed NURBS, crack-free BREP solids CAD files, hierarchy, animation (format specific), pivot points, vertex normals, U/V tangent vectors, vertex colors, texture coordinates, textures, lights & cameras.
  • Converts & optimizes all major CAD formats to Lightwave, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage (XSI), OpenFlight and dozens more file formats and 3D programs (full list on WEB site).
  • Cross-converts between all major animation packages and 3D file formats with true robustness & quality.
  • Highly refined & popular bidirectional 3ds Max <-> Maya pipeline via native plug-ins, with well over a decade of development.
  • The most refined conversion system for Lightwave users since 1994 - Okino knows Lightwave conversions inside out!
  • Import and compose 3D scenes from a plethora of 2D/3D file formats then render out to high quality images for print media, WEB presentations, training manuals, or marketing brochures.
  • Very popular solution for ProEngineer, SolidWorks, STEP, etc. to DCC conversions -- they just work flawlessly.
  • Robust import & rendering of CAD and AEC models.
  • Acts as a "stepping stone" to allow for massive CAD assemblies to be downsized in PolyTrans first before import into downstream D.C.C applications.
  • Publish to WEB streaming file formats such as XAML-3D, DirectX, OpenHSF, Shockwave-3D, U3D, Viewpoint VET, XGL & VRML1+2+X3D. Embed U3D in PDF files. Others in development at all times.
  • 20+ year development. Personal and dedicated hands on support direct from the Okino developers.
  • Solid, robust solution used around the world by most major companies and professionals.
  • Easily develop new plug-in modules such as
    import/export, renderers, modelers, etc.
  • Mesh & scene processing toolset including robust polygon reduction system and "parts count optimizer" for top-heavy CAD assemblies.
 Major Features
  • Very stong support for all major CAD file formats.
  • Bidirectional conversions between all D.C.C (animation and digital content creation) programs.
  • Tolerance-based, error-free animation conversion and top notch smooth skinned mesh & skeleton conversion amongst 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage (XSI), Softimage-3D, Collada, FBX, DirectX, U3D, more.
  • Photo-realistic rendering, material editing, texture parameter editing and scene composition (ray tracer in Okino's NuGraf only). Handles very large CAD datasets.
  • ‘Document-centric’ architecture, extensive user
    interface plug-in API, and 2D/3D import/export API.
  • Excellent, built-in polygon reduction system.
  • Integrated multi-media editor & viewer (see 2D bitmap file format list below).
  • NVIDIA & ATI real-time shader support, with
    third generation OpenGL support.
  • “PolyTrans-for-3dsmax” and “PolyTrans-for-Maya”.
  • Integration or converter modules from MAXON (Cinema-4D), Act-3D (Quest-3D), CATS (Pytha), NGRAIN (3KO), VirTools/Realicon (NMO), Visual Components (3DCreate) and others
  • Optimized since its inception to handle very large datasets, such as 500,000 node scenes and millions of polygons (most animation programs can only handle 50,000 nodes).
  • NuGraf only: Caustics, an amazing
    lens flare system & sunlight calculator.
  • An industry standard for plug-in converter SDK development. Third party developers can create 3D import/export converters, system plug-ins, renderers and many more. Stable and completely refined. Used by dozens of leading 3D software companies.
  • Complete list of features, file formats, brochures, user list and demos available on the Okino WEB site.
 Supported 2D and 3D File Formats

3D Import File Formats: Apple 3D Metafile, 3ds max (via native plug-ins), Adobe Illustrator, Biovision BVH and Acclaim motion capture, Collada, DirectX, DXF/DWG, DWF-3D, Electric Image FACT, FilmBox (FBX), HOOPS HSF, IGES, Inventor (Autodesk CAD), JT Open, Lightwave, Maya (native plug-ins), Okino native BDF, OpenFlight, OpenNURBS, PLY, Protein Database (PDB), native Pro/Engineer assemblies and part files, Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS , Sketch-Up, Softimage-3D, Softimage (XSI), Solid Edge , SolidWorks, STL, Strata v1.75, trueSpace, U3D, USGS DEM & Gtopo-30, VRML1/Inventor2, VRML2, Wavefront (Full NURBS + Polygons), X3D and XGL. Native CATIA v4 + v5. ACIS SAT, IGES-solids, native ProE, STEP, Parasolids, Pro/Desktop, and VDA. Contact Okino for support on these or other formats as this list changes over time.

3D Export File Formats: Apple 3D Metafile, 3ds Max (native plug-ins), Collada, DirectX, DXF/DWG, DWF, Electric, FilmBox (FBX), Image FACT, HOOPS HSF, IGES 5.x (NURBS not meshes), JT Open, Lightscape, Lightwave, Maya (native plug-ins), NGRAIN .3KO, Okino native BDF, Open GL C Code, OpenFlight, PLY, POV Ray 2.0 and 3.0, Pro/E SLP 'Render File', Renderman RIB (NURBS and Meshes), RenderWare/ActiveWorlds, Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS, Shockwave-3D, SketchUp, Softimage (XSI), STL, trueSpace, Wavefront OBJ, U3D, Viewpoint VET, VRML 1, VRML 2 , X3D, XAML-3D, XGL and SGI Inventor2. Contact Okino for support on these or other formats as this list changes over time.

2D Bitmap File Formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, SGI, GIF, IFF Lightwave, IFF Maya, PIC (Softimage), PIX (Maya), PNG, PPM, PSD (photoshop) and Targa. Additional LeadTools supported bitmap file formats: AFP, BMP, CMP, CUT, EPS, EXIF, FLC, GEM, ICO, IFF, ITG, FPX, MAC, MSP, PCD, PCT, CLP, PCX, PSD, PBM, PNG, PTK, SCT, SGI, SMP, RAS, TIFF, TGA, WBMP, XWD and XPM. Video formats supported for viewing: AVI, MPEG-1, 2, 4, QuickTime Movies (.qt, .mov, .mtv) and Macromedia Flash (SWF).


 PolyTrans-for-3ds-Max, PolyTrans-for-Maya

These two special, native plug-in versions of PolyTrans run inside 3ds Max and Maya. For well over a decade they have provided the industry standard for add-on 3D CAD, DCC and VisSim converters inside of 3ds Max and Maya. This is one of the most popular aspects of PolyTrans in the D.C.C. community. PolyTrans-for-Maya is available via the "DCC/Pack" license. Note: Okino natively supports Lightwave (lws/lwo) and Softimage (dotXSI) file formats so no native plug-in modules are needed for those animation programs.

Popular uses include import of all CAD file formats into 3ds Max and Maya (SolidWorks, ProE native, STEP, IGES and dozens more), bidirectional conversion of complete scenes between 3ds Max and Maya, cross conversion of OpenFlight VizSim databases, cross conversion of DirectX files with skinning, excellent bidirectional Lightwave conversions, and many more long established problem-solving solutions for 3ds Max and Maya users.

 Optional Add-On Modules

Several advanced but optional add-on modules are available (others may also be available):

  • CAD/Pack - Includes Autodesk Inventor importer, DWF-3D importer/exporter, DWG importer/exporter, IGES 5.3 import and export (allows for native import/export of NURBS surfaces and curves), Solid Edge import and SolidWorks import.
  • DCC/Pack - Includes PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in system, Collada import/export, Autodesk FBX import/export, OpenFlight import/export, PolyTrans-for-Softimage(XSI) native plug-in system, Softimage|3D .hrc and .dsc im
  • Granite/Pack - Includes PTC Granite BREP solids-based (crack free) CAD importer licenses: ProE native parts & assemblies, ACIS SAT (up to v7), IGES (solids), Parasolid, Pro/DESKTOP®, STEP & VDA-FS. Also includes Okino surface-based IGES importer as a complement to the solids-based PTC IGES importer. Note: this is the main software available on the market which imports native, encrypted PTC ProE files using a real, licensed copy of ProE Granite from PTC. Rock solid!
  • CATIA v4 - Import from native CATIA v4 .model files.
  • CATIA v5 - Import from native CATIA v5 .catProduct and .catPart files. Utilizes the actual Dassault CATIA v5 runtime system ensuring 100% fidelity -- it doesn't get any better.
  • Spatial ACIS SAT/SAB - The defacto standard method to import ACIS .sat and .sab files, all versions.
  • JT Open - Import and eport native JT CAD files, using the offical JT Open implementation. Licensed as either the JT importer, or the JT importer+exporter.
 Customer Testimonials
  • "PolyTrans is a true 'workhorse' application. I've used it frequently on very large files and it has not choked, crashed, or needed to be reinstalled in three years, and this is on a Macintosh in VirtualPC. This software has become the indispensible hub of my daily work." Mark Banas, MAB3D.com

  • " We purchased PolyTrans and used it for 3D data conversion and optimization of datasets created for the NASA MER space program (Mars Exploration Rover Mission). It is fantastic software. My colleagues at another NASA center spent days using three software packages on what took me 15 minutes using PolyTrans alone (polygon reduction in batch mode worked like a charm). I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great tool." Boris Rabin, Visualization Development Lead, NASA/Ames Research Center, FutreFlight Central.

  • " I very rarely praise a piece of software but PolyTrans is nothing short of excellent and is the most used piece of software in our department. It is generally accepted within the modelling and graphics team that PolyTrans greatly improves our work flow and efficiency particularly with the seemless plugin to Maya and the accurate conversion from one format to another in either graphics or geometry. We would be lost without it." Lazaros Kastanis, immersive visualisation specialist, University of Queensland's Advanced Computational Modelling Centre.

 CAD Conversions and CAD Data Re-purposing Through PolyTrans

CAD conversion has always been a key aspect of Okino software development since 1988. One of our strengths is in converting all major CAD file formats to every non-CAD file format and animation package. Our converters simply work and work very well since they are in such widespread use.

(click on images for 3D converter description, or here and here for the image gallery)
[SolidWorks model imported into Maya] Anritsu [UG to Lightwave] Interrupter
to Maya®
to Okino
to Lightwave®
One Space Designer®
to Maya
IDE Camera Solar Car HP Compressor Drilling Platform
to Okino
to Cinema-4D®
Autodesk Inventor®
to Okino
to 3ds Max®
Litoral Ship Img Kitchen Honda Dealership from ProE
to 3ds Max®
SDRC Master Series®
to Okino
to Cinema-4D®
to Okino

 Highly Refined Conversions Between all Major Animation/DCC Packages
Okino Computer Graphics can best be understood as two distinct sub-companies: one which specializes in the CAD market, CAD products and CAD users, and one which specializes in the animation/DCC (Design-Content-Creation) markets and users. We excel at providing the industry standard converters for these distinct, yet often overlapping, markets. Okino is particularly well known in the DCC market for the last decade-and-a-half as the major provider of data conversion pipelines that tightly connects all major 3D animation packages and file formats. PolyTrans is in use by all major production companies who regularly use 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Lighwave, Cinema-4D, and related common file formats such as DirectX, Collada, FBX, OpenFlight, VRML/X3D and many others.

[PolyTrans Screen Snapshot]

Example conversions of our mascot 'apeBot' model, Copyright Matt McDonald, VSI, Inc. and Newtek, Inc.

[3ds Max] [ACAD] [C4D] [FLT] [LW]
3ds Max® AutoCAD® Cinema-4D® via LW Creator3® Lightwave®

[Maya] [RIB] [Rhino] [TS] [Softimage]
Maya® Renderman® Rhino® trueSpace® Softimage®